Bumper and Wally

August 13, 2012 @ 11:39 pm posted by LeH

It was in Spring 1998. “Wally” needed a home, and we were the fortunate new parents that he chose. We think he was about three years old when he came to live with us, but nobody knew his exact age. Wally came to CPR as a “found” Pug and soon became known as an “escape artist” according to Eve Wallace and his foster parents. Eve called us one day to answer our request for a Pug and said she had a match for us! How true that was! Wally-Man stole our hearts with his little antics from the git-go! Whenever we left him home alone, he somehow found a way to jump from the couch to the nearby counter to get to the bowl of M&M’s. When we would return home, we would find red and green candy smudges on the white sofa, and we finally figured it out! And Wally could “talk” better than anybody. He loved to say “I wub you” plain as day. He amazed everyone who heard him. Then in 2002, we adopted his brother “Bumper.” Bumper was a big beautiful perfect Pug. He weighed 26 pounds, and Wally was only 16 pounds. Wally was small and swift. Wally could run like the wind and jump like a rabbit. Bumper was big and lumbering and never in a hurry to get anywhere. They were as close as two Pugs can be, constantly by each other’s side.

Bumper got his name from his habit of grabbing his toy and then bumping you in the leg as hard as he could to get your attention. He was such lover. The rabbits in our back yard would scatter at the sight of Wally but would walk right in front of Bumper. They knew who would chase them and they knew who wouldn’t!

In 2008 Bumpie, was diagnosed with diabetes. He needed insulin twice a day and he eventually lost his sight. That slowed him down for a couple of days, but he was always such a trooper. He never complained about the injections and didn’t mind the frequent trips to the vet and all the blood tests. He was always smiling. He loved everybody, and everybody loved him back. We finally lost Bumpie in December 2009 at age 9.

The loss of his brother took its toll on Wally. Wally was now about 14 years old, and he suffered several strokes after losing Bumper. It was Valentines Day 2010 when another in a series of several strokes left him unable to hear or to walk straight, and he couldn’t talk anymore. In April 2010, another stroke and he was gone.

These little boys were so beautiful and adorable and always the best and constant companions to us and to each other. We love them still. They have left two huge holes in our hearts that will never be filled until the day we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please wait for us Wally and Bumpie. We miss you so much.


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