Below are SOME of the pugs we have available for adoption. MANY OF OUR PUGS ARE NEVER LISTED ON THIS PAGE because their forever homes have been selected from applications already on file.

An application must be submitted to be considered for any rescue pug. If you are ready to adopt, please submit your application now. Applying does not obligate you to adopt from us; you have the right to refuse any or all pugs about which you are contacted.

If you do apply and would like to be considered for a pug listed on this page, please indicate the name of the pug on your application.

With occasional exceptions, all of our rescued pugs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before placement.

Please also feel free to visit our Owner Referral page.

Male – 11 years old

Grady is an 11 year old sweetheart who just loves to be next to you! He may be older, but he definitely still has a pep in his step! You would never guess that he is a senior based on his energy. While he enjoys walks and exploring the backyard, no doubt his favorite activity is curling up next to you on the couch. Grady always makes us laugh! Whether he’s letting out a little howl for his dinner, making classic pug snorts, or taking up hilarious sleeping positions on the couch, it’s never a dull moment with this silly boy! He does get along well with dogs but his main concern is being close to his people, so he doesn’t pay much mind to them. He does guard his food from other dogs, so he needs to be fed separately if there are dogs in the home. Despite having lived outside his whole life, Grady is house trained and has never had an accident in the house! He is not a fan of his crate and prefers to be left free to roam while you are away (we confine him to the kitchen while away). At night he sleeps in our bed and acts as our little bed warmer. Since he absolutely loves being with his people, Grady would do best in a house where someone is home for most of the day, or in a home with another dog friend to keep him company. Anyone who adopts this sweet senior will be rewarded with a loyal companion and lots of laughter! Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Carlos Santana came to Colorado Pug Rescue with his best pug friend after their owner passed away. Shortly after they arrived his pug friend got very sick and passed away. Shortly after his friend passed away, Carlos tangled with a much bigger dog and got very hurt. Continue reading

Male – 11 years old

Homer is an 11 year old sweet senior that loves to be next to you almost as much as he loves food. He gets along with other dogs and probably wouldn’t be interested in chasing any cats. He has mobility difficulties and can’t do stairs. Due to these issues, he does better on carpeted flooring or floors with throw rugs. He also doesn’t always make it outside to go potty but that isn’t his fault. He tries but he doesn’t have 100% control. His foster home has tried a belly band but the bands that were tried makes it too difficult for Homer when he gets up from sitting or lying down. We are working on getting some weight off him as he is a big boy. His last weigh in was 30 pounds but that is down from a previous recorded weight of 38 pounds! The hope is with a reduction in his weight, his mobility might improve. Homer has no vision in one eye and he is on daily eye drops because his eye doesn’t produce tears. He also is a little hard of hearing. Homer is on daily glucosamine supplements to help his joints work better. He is neutered and had a dental to remove his remaining teeth. Homer is vocal and lets you know when he wants to eat or come inside or just talk. He is just the cutest guy with his sweet round Pug face and gentle kisses.
Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Turbo is a 3 year old male who just wants to be a lap dog. He is sweet, loving and playful. He plays fetch if you toss a ball or toy for him. He will give kisses and wants to be near you at all times. He gets along with all his housemates but, is mostly interested in his people. He is protective of his food and needs to be fed away from other animals. He was born with some disabilities that left him totally incontinent. He is unaware that he is going potty so he wears a belly band and is fed fiber foods (Pumpkin and Pineapple) to help firm his bowel movements. He would not do well with stairs due to stiff back legs but, he is small (15 lbs) and easy to carry. He can do a couple of steps in and out of the house. He is able to run and play in the yard. He is good with all people and will sometimes bark for attention. His care is manageable and his sweetness makes up for his disabilities. Continue reading

Male – 8 years old

Gavin is a sweet little fellow that’s looking for a playmate and snuggle buddy. The ideal candidate would be a small dog that loves to play. Big dogs make him a little nervous at first, but he warms up to them. He loves to run and tumble around the yard. He also likes to snuggle. At night he insists on going under the blankets to cuddle with his human. He had a long time pug companion, but his buddy liked to bark (a lot) and then Gavin would join in and the two of them would go crazy. He is much calmer now that his buddy has moved on. He still wants a friend, but a calm friend would be much better for him. Continue reading

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