Below are SOME of the pugs we have available for adoption. MANY OF OUR PUGS ARE NEVER LISTED ON THIS PAGE because their forever homes have been selected from applications already on file.

An application must be submitted to be considered for any rescue pug. If you are ready to adopt, please submit your application now. Applying does not obligate you to adopt from us; you have the right to refuse any or all pugs about which you are contacted.

If you do apply and would like to be considered for a pug listed on this page, please indicate the name of the pug on your application.

With occasional exceptions, all of our rescued pugs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before placement.

Please also feel free to visit our Owner Referral page.

Female – 12 years old

Jingmae is a 12+ year old girl who is super sweet and loves to snuggle and get her belly rubbed.  She has only one eye and is mostly blind in that eye, and she is mostly deaf as well.  So, it takes awhile to learn her surroundings and feel comfortable moving around freely.  Once she does, though, she has no problems and wanders around happily.  She does best with no stairs or only 1-2 stairs, as they are super scary for her.  She is not a crazy big eater like most pugs, but is a little bit picky.  She does best with a special kidney diet, as her kidneys have trouble processing a diet high in phosphorous.  Because of her kidney issues, she does have potty accidents in the house. Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Hogan is a 3 year old surrender from New Mexico but acts younger! He loves to play fetch, chew (on most things, but we’re working on mostly toys), and take long walks – and he loves carrying his toys around the house, into the car, and around the block. Continue reading

Male – 12 years old

Waco is a 12 year old blind pug mix. He’s an absolute sweetheart, young at heart and loves to cuddle. He has a little bounce in his step but mostly he wants to be relaxing with you. He does take daily medication for Cushings Disease, but takes it happily inside of a pill pocket. Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Tug is a very healthy 3-year old boxer/pug mix. He is mostly boxer, as he has a nice medium-size body. He weighs about 17 lbs and is about 18” high and 24” long with a beautiful long tail. Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Carlos Santana came to Colorado Pug Rescue with his best pug friend after their owner passed away. Shortly after they arrived his pug friend got very sick and passed away. Shortly after his friend passed away, Carlos tangled with a much bigger dog and got very hurt. Continue reading

Male – 3 years old

Turbo is a 3 year old male who just wants to be a lap dog. He is sweet, loving and playful. He plays fetch if you toss a ball or toy for him. He will give kisses and wants to be near you at all times. He gets along with all his housemates but, is mostly interested in his people. He is protective of his food and needs to be fed away from other animals. He was born with some disabilities that left him totally incontinent. He is unaware that he is going potty so he wears a belly band and is fed fiber foods (Pumpkin and Pineapple) to help firm his bowel movements. He would not do well with stairs due to stiff back legs but, he is small (15 lbs) and easy to carry. He can do a couple of steps in and out of the house. He is able to run and play in the yard. He is good with all people and will sometimes bark for attention. His care is manageable and his sweetness makes up for his disabilities. Continue reading

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