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November 18, 2017 @ 8:47 pm posted by BertaL

2005 – November 17, 2017

In 2009, I adopted Tico from Colorado Pug Rescue. I’m very sad he’s gone over the Rainbow Bridge but grateful to have had him in my life. He was a good friend.
–Julie Mishler


February 16, 2017 @ 4:46 pm posted by BertaL

My dear Buddy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, February 5, 2017, just one month shy of his 19th birthday. Buddy began as a foster for us back in 2010. He lost his only eye two years ago. He was such a huge part of our daily life. His two favorite things to the end were dinnertime and nestling between my feet in the evenings as we watched TV or read books. There is a huge hole in my heart right now that I do not know how it will ever heal. Even with two other dogs in the house it just feels so empty without him there. My wife Laura spent endless hours rocking him in the chair during the day to help ease his discomfort. We will miss him forever!  –Jim Strouse

Bruno Maxwell

@ 4:39 pm posted by BertaL

We adopted Bruno Maxwell from Colorado Pug Rescue in 2007. He was a shy guy in the beginning. He mostly followed my husband around at first, but then he became comfortable with me. He was a great buddy! He loved to walk around with his humans out in our front yard and to hang out in the garage and be one of the guys. He loved to go on road trips and camping. He was a wonderful snuggler. He died on Sept 12, 2015, at 15 Years 8 months old. We are heartbroken. I sure he will be happy at the Rainbow Bridge. We are looking forward to seeing him again one day.

Priscilla and Jade

@ 4:24 pm posted by BertaL

I miss Priscilla and Jade dearly. As you can see, they were my babies. Jade always lay on my belly and Priscilla between my legs. They would sleep under my desk all day while I worked. They went camping with us every time we went. Best little doggies ever.

Jade thought she was a guard dog. She couldn’t hurt or bite anyone with the underbite she had. Oh, and her tongue. When she would sleep, it was always sticking out. She thought she was the queen of the house. (Yeah, she probably was).

My little Priscilla was a shy little one. She loved to get lovings. She didn’t like to be held much but would lie between your calves any chance she had. We rescued her from a kill shelter. She wasn’t the prettiest looking girl, but she was my little girl.


@ 4:01 pm posted by BertaL

My little hero was just one of the most brilliant lil pugsters I’ve met to this day. I knew her from the time she was three weeks old, and she already could tell when I was in a funk. She’d just lick and wiggle and do doughnies until I was back on track. By the time the adoption went through, it was my birthday, and she taught me that she knew I was to answer the phone. She would find it and bark at it until I answered it.

Her only fault was eating weird things. My recliner, spare change, hair combs, tubes of toothpaste, horse poo (that one isn’t so odd; many dogs love “road apples”). My biggest fear was her eating metal and hard plastic. I had to have people me move, I’m just not physically well enough, and a change jar got dumped and left on the floor. I had told my helpers please, please, please be careful, but I had gone into town.

Her eyes told me something was wrong first. And a need to cuddle a bunch. We were moving, I figured she was just out of sorts. She ate breakfast just fine but by Sunday evening was throwing up. No fever, soft belly, normal poop but by my appointment Monday afternoon, I had a bad feeling and didn’t want to let her go. Maybe if I had stayed, she would have heard me and stayed. I don’t know. Thank you, CPR, very much for the way too short time I had with that girl who just always knew what to do at the right time.                                                                                                –Lynn King


@ 3:46 pm posted by BertaL

Our beloved Bubba, aka Diesel, came to us from CPR in 2005. He crossed over the rainbow bridge on August 25,2013. His funniest ways of making us laugh, snuggling close when we had some personal losses, combined with his love of everything and everyone he came in contact with made him the best puggie! The entire neighborhood knew who Bubba was and loved him because he always wanted to visit with everyone when he walked his mom and dad, or got invited to holidays and parties. And he had as many friends on Facebook as his mom had. (I think a lot of her friends were her FB friends because of Bubba the Pug!) When mom would come home after a short trip – even to the store – he’d yell “MAAAMMMAAA!!” while dancing around and around until he got a big hug and kisses. And OH, how he loved his road trips! He had his special bed in the car, and off we’d go to explore camping, the beach and visiting family.

He was diagnosed with diabetes last year after suffering a few seizures. He never complained about getting his injections, or having his diet altered. He tried so hard to be a good brave boy. When we learned his seizures couldn’t be controlled he looked into his daddy’s eyes and said “I can’t do this anymore, but I love you,” and went quietly over the Bridge where we know he met his sister Paula, who welcomed him with her big heart.

Bubba, we were so blessed to have had you in our lives. Everything we do is a little sadder because you are not here. We so miss you sweetie, but we know you are no longer in pain, or afraid of the seizures. And we will see you again, with your big wide grin, laughing and jumping with the joy we’ll all feel.

Love, Mom, Dad and all your furry and people friends


December 7, 2013 @ 8:27 pm posted by AbbyS

Our little Silly Lily gave so much more to each of us than we could have ever given her. Since her passing, we have shed many tears but through our tears there is always a smile or a laugh each time we see her picture or tell a Lily story. We feel it was a privilege to provide her with her “forever home”. She will forever be in our hearts.

The Hughes Family


May 19, 2013 @ 4:33 pm posted by BertaL

~Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop~

Pugnacious Horatio, our sweet little man, we miss you from the depths of our souls.

You died suddenly, by Mommy’s feet, without ever making a sound, without ever calling for help.

Why?!? We just don’t understand. You were so healthy and not even 6 years old yet! You always had a perfect bill of health from the Vet and he always complimented you on your debonair good looks! The Vet still does not have a good reason why you died so suddenly. He thinks maybe it was an undetected heart condition, but we will never know for sure.

You came to us as an eleven week old, three pound little ball of fur with big brown glossy eyes and tiny pug paws, with barely any separation between the toes. It was love at first sight, no doubt. I still remember fondly how smart you were and how quickly you trained on your potty pad. And how you taught your “brother” Jackson how to walk up and down the stairs when he was so terrified to do so. You were so patient with him.

Pugnacious at 11 Weeks

Pugnacious at 11 Weeks

Do you remember the nights of “Sweeping the floor with the Pug?” Oh how you loved your soft pink belly sliding over the cool kitchen floor. We played it for hours- Mommy and Daddy laughed and giggled endlessly. Such sweet memories!

We are both so very sorry Nach that we could not save you. We desperately tried CPR on you but you would not respond- your beautiful eyes had already lost their light.

Please know that you mean the world to us both and that there will always, always be a pug shaped spot missing from our hearts.


Until we meet again~

A million hugs and kisses….. Love, Mommy, Daddy and your pug sister, Sophie Marie


March 19, 2013 @ 4:30 pm posted by BertaL


In memory of Blakers  3/14/13

His Mama’s Little Man, his Auntie’s Little Buddy,

Jacie’s big brother and my grandpug.

Playing & eating broccoli with Bandit… across the bridge.

Thank you so much for the kisses.

Loved deeply, missed forever.


February 13, 2013 @ 10:59 pm posted by BertaL

Rocky was adopted from CPR in April of 2012. Here he is in photos by himself and also with his housemates, Shelly (fawn) and Mini.  Rocky passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on October 6, 2012, due to a hidden tumor that perforated his stomach. These pictures happened to be taken the day before he passed away.

Even though Rocky was in our household for only six months, he always will be a treasured family member.  Rocky was one of the sweetest pugs ever, and just wanted love and attention.  Rocky had been found as a stray so, as might be expected, the high points of his day were meal times.  He twirled about in happy anticipation as his bowl was filled.  Rocky was a scrawny 15 pounds when he arrived and had reached the healthy weight of 19 pounds at the time of his tragic death.  We miss Rocky and the joy he brought to our lives every day.



Rocky3  Rocky2


@ 10:36 pm posted by BertaL

Adopted from CPR on January 8, 2007 – Died January 24, 2012

My sweet, sweet boy. You were taken from me so unexpectedly and too soon. I feel like our time together went by so quickly. Every morning I wish I were waking up to find you sitting by the side of the bed, starring at me, whining, so excited for me to get up. And every afternoon when I get home from work, I wish you were there to prop yourself up on the window ledge to see if it’s me walking up the sidewalk, so excited to greet me. And every night before bed, I wish you were here so I could give you your last cuddle of the night before you go to sleep. Your absence is felt every single moment of each day and my heart aches from missing you so much.

Charlie_Jan_2012How lucky and blessed I am that you came into my life five years ago.  From the minute I saw your picture on the CPR web site, with a large, red lobster toy in your mouth, I knew you were meant for me.  I knew I would get to be your Mom.  You had such a personality and you were so loving and always so happy…tail wagging, body twirling in circles!  Even in what were your final moments with me, you saw me and heard my voice, and though you weren’t able to move your body, you curled your tail as if to tell me everything was going to be okay.

I couldn’t have loved you more while you were here.  I couldn’t miss you more now that you are gone.  And I am so thankful for what you brought into my life.  I will forever hold the memories of you in my heart.  Rest in peace my boy.

“There’s a hole in my heart, in the shape of you.”

Charlie was preceded in death by his Chihuahua brother, Elbie (died January 16, 2012) and is survived by his pug sister, Lillie.


@ 10:16 pm posted by BertaL

In February 2012, my family lost our pug Cato, whom we adopted from Colorado Pug Rescue in 2004. He’s the first dog that my siblings and I ever lost, and we were devastated. Cato was a sweetheart. He loved parties because he knew that everybody would pet and love him, and he loved people. He loved to cuddle up to my dad on the couch and watch TV with the family. He was a happy and brave pug until the very end, and the whole family still misses him very much. He brought so much happiness and love to our family. I know that Cato’s up in doggie heaven now with lots of people to pet him and all the treats that he can eat.


@ 8:32 pm posted by BertaL

1997 – December 3, 2012

We adopted Josie from CPR in June of 2009. She was rescued from a puppy mill, then went to a foster home, and then to us. When her foster parents brought her to us, she was very timid. She didn’t know how to play or what she was supposed to do. It didn’t take long, however, for her to blossom into the most beautiful, loving, happy and playful baby ever. In the three and a half years she was with us, we gave her a lifetime of love, yet she gave us more. She lived a long life overall, 15 years, the last few years making up for the first twelve. When cancer overtook her, it was the saddest day of our lives. She was a gift from God and the debate goes on as to who rescued who. Loved more than words can describe, and now missed even more, we will always have Josie in our hearts.


August 15, 2012 @ 11:17 pm posted by LeH

9/1996 – 4/1998

Owned & loved by David & Jolie Malone


Kashmir’s Soft Parade

@ 11:14 pm posted by LeH


Owned & loved by Kathy Madison


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