Below are SOME of the pugs we have available for adoption. MANY OF OUR PUGS ARE NEVER LISTED ON THIS PAGE because their forever homes have been selected from applications already on file.

An application must be submitted to be considered for any rescue pug. If you are ready to adopt, please submit your application now. Applying does not obligate you to adopt from us; you have the right to refuse any or all pugs about which you are contacted.

If you do apply and would like to be considered for a pug listed on this page, please indicate the name of the pug on your application.

With occasional exceptions, all of our rescued pugs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before placement.

Please also feel free to visit our Owner Referral page.

Male – 7 years old

Bug is very sweet & just wants to be near you. He is a typical pug, and would rather be near people than other dogs. He has shown now aggression issues and just kind of ignores the other dogs in his foster home. Bug is very well mannered and potty trained. How can you resist that face! Continue reading

Male – 6 years old

Vadr is a sweet 6 year old fawn male Pug that was owner relinquished. Vadr came from a home that had bigger Lab dogs and they would fight. Vadr may not be as big as a Lab but he doesn’t back down. Due to the fighting he lost his left eye. He gets along well with other dogs his size but we are still trying to determine if he can get along with bigger dogs. Before he gets adopted, he will be “tested” around a couple of larger dogs to see how he does. It could have been a situational issue or he may just not play well with the big guys. He is currently being treated for an infection and is feeling much better. He is so sweet and that curly tail of his never stops wagging. Even when he felt horrible, when you called his name he would give it a little wag. He loves to sit on your lap, cuddling, being brushed and food. He is very food motivated so he may need to be separated from the pack when he eats. He can get excited when you come home and jump on you but he just needs a little bit of boundaries. Vadr is a pretty laid back guy. He is spayed and will be current on his vaccinations before he is adopted out. He is just a love bug. His house training has been reliable and he uses a doggie door. Vadr likes car rides and walks, but can pull pretty good on the leash. Please consider giving this guy his forever home….or his foster Mom may just have another foster failure!! Continue reading

Female – 8 months old

Clover is approximately 8 months old and all puppy! She is very sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. Clover is very reliably house trained and has yet to have any accidents in the house, other than when she wasn’t feeling well. Clover was in a Clovis, NM kill shelter and we were able to save her just in time. Some think she is a mix with and others think …nah she is all Pug. Either way, she is all cute and sassy for sure. She walks well on a leash, loves to play and chew on her toys and likes playing with her other foster brother. Since she is a puppy, she does have a lot of energy. Her new home will need to be patient and work with her not to jump or get up on the kitchen table. Yes, that is right. She can jump on the table with ease. She is quite the athletic puppy. Her new home will also have to be very diligent when they enter and leave the house. She is quick and has snuck out twice now, and wow is she fast! She thinks its play time when you chase her. Clover is finishing up antibiotics currently for a tick borne illness that she acquired in New Mexico. She will complete her treatment in about three weeks. Once she is finished, we will wait two additional weeks to make sure she is healthy for her spay. Once her spay is complete, she will be ready for adoption. Continue reading

Male – 13 years old

Quincy is about 13 years old now. He has been neutered. He is a special needs puggie. Quincy has lost the ability to use his hind legs but that doesn’t slow him down much. He has a great disposition and is a very loving boy. He can’t hear either and gets pretty nervous when his people aren’t in the room with him. He has a cart, as the picture suggests, but can’t be in it for too long before getting really tired. Usually about 20-30 minutes at a time. Due to his paralysis he needs some extra help to potty and requires daily medication for his arthritis. He wears belly bands when roaming the house just in case he dribbles but most of the time they’re not necessary. He does great with the other dogs and cats in the house. He’s an easy to love and hard to forget little guy and would love to find his forever home as soon as possible. Continue reading

Male – 18 months old

Squeegie is a cute little 18 month old guy looking for a patient adoption family! He was surrendered by his owner in New Mexico, but we don’t have much more info on him other than that. He is likely a dachshund mix, with a beautiful rust colored coat and a long straight tail he loves to wag. He will need a patient family to work with him, as he pees when he gets excited or scared sometimes – but is house trained and doggie door trained other than that. He does okay in a crate, but will whine (at times loudly) when you initially leave. He is learning to sit and we are working on keeping him from jumping when he first greets you. He is very loving, and will want to snuggle with you. He will also be your shadow – following you into the bathroom is a regular occurrence! He does decent on a leash – sometimes you’ll have to pull him along to keep him going. He seems to be overall a nervous guy – he doesn’t seem to love large crowds or too many other dogs. He will snarl and growl if a bigger dogs gets too close or if another dog tries to take up your time – but will also sleep in the same bed with other small dogs, so it seems like he would likely do best in a home with small dogs or big dogs that like their space. Overall, he is very sweet and snuggly, with an adorable underbite. He’d be happy if you took him into your home! Mor.e pictures and information about Squeeg can be found here:
Continue reading

Female – 2 years old

Lucy had a Wisdom panel done recently and results revealed that she was mostly (75%) American Staffordshire Terrier and 12.5% Miniature Schnauzer and another 12.5% mix of possible other terrier, herd or guard dog. Lucy was saved from a kill shelter in Texas on June 16th. When she first arrived, she was scared of everything and everyone. She didn’t seem like she’d spent anytime inside a house. She was extremely shy and skittish. She’s gotten better but is still very leery in new situations and around new people. She is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She likes to lick a lot. The vet thinks she’s about 2 years old. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. She is currently on heartworm preventative. She is high energy and loves to go for walks and play ball in the yard. She walks really well until she sees another dog or animal. Then she pulls. We recently purchased a no-pull harness, which seems to be helping. When she’s excited, she jumps up. We’re working on that and she’s getting better. She listens pretty well when corrected. She’s extremely sensitive, so discipline needs to be handled carefully. She cowers sometimes like she’s been mistreated/abused. She’s a little fearful around men. She would benefit from some obedience training/classes. She does know how to sit and we recently started to work on stay. Continue reading

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