Below are SOME of the pugs we have available for adoption. MANY OF OUR PUGS ARE NEVER LISTED ON THIS PAGE because their forever homes have been selected from applications already on file.

An application must be submitted to be considered for any rescue pug. If you are ready to adopt, please submit your application now. Applying does not obligate you to adopt from us; you have the right to refuse any or all pugs about which you are contacted.

If you do apply and would like to be considered for a pug listed on this page, please indicate the name of the pug on your application.

With occasional exceptions, all of our rescued pugs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before placement.

Please also feel free to visit our Owner Referral page.

Male – 1 year old

Baloo is 1 year old, likely a shepard and pug mic….and maybe a few other things too. We don’t know much about his history, just that he came from Texas and is a young pug – you can tell by his very curly tail and snort he makes when he gets very excited. He is very active – he likes to fetch (we’re working on him bringing the ball back), go on walks and hikes, lick your face (as much as we try to get him to not), cuddle in the pillows on the bed, play with other dogs, and more. He is housebroken, uses the doggy door, knows his name, and knows to sit (we are working on down and lay down). We are also working on crate anxiety – he ate part of a few dog beds, but can be left loose in the house with access to a doggy door and other dogs/treats. He loves frozen peanut butter in a kong. Definitely a playful puppy, he does get worn out and like to cuddle with you too. A perfect fit for someone looking for a male pug/pug mix who is active but a cuddler too.
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Bonded Pair – 8 & 9 years old

Bella and Bruiser are a bonded pair that have been together all their lives. They are 8 & 9 and very sweet fur babies. They are petite pugs and love to cuddle. Bella wags her tail uncurled and its adorable. Bruiser loves sleeping on pillows and will get your attention with a gentle paw or two. Bella has a sensitive tummy so she gets a little pepcid daily. They are both being re evaluated for UTI’s as they have had accidents, and Bruiser has been known to mark. They are a bonded pair and must remain together. Bella loves her neck rubbed and scratched. She will make little purring noises. She can sit and shake. Bruiser loves attention and takes care of his sister by cleaning her face. He has a great expression on his face. He can also sit and shake. Please consider giving these two sweethearts their forever home. Continue reading

Male – 9 years old

Fez is a spunky, hunky and sweet 9 year old fawn male. He was adopted from the rescue previously, but returned for nipping at little ones. So, he would be best in a home without kids or older kids. His foster mommy hasn’t seen any aggression in him. He will try to play nip or bite when he gets excited. However, he responds to correction and he is just a lovable, hug-gable and playful little guy. He will chase rabbit intruders; try to attack the mower and barks at animals on the T.V. He is just trying to be a good Pug protector. Since he tends to want to chase, he may not be best suited for homes with cats. Fez likes car rides, walks and any treat. Continue reading

Male – 12 years old

My name is Frank and I am 12 years young. I am probably he quirkiest guy you will ever meet, so if you are a bit quirky too, we will make a wonderful pair!! I wear a belly band when I am in the house (I don’t fight it, I know it is a bad habit) and I need someone that will keep my yard clean (since I like to snack on the stuff out there). Ok, now that we have that out of the way…I am the biggest snuggler in the world and would love to share your bed with you at night. I love to watch TV….Animal Planet really gets me going! If you think that I might be the pug for you, please put Frank on your application. Continue reading

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