Below are SOME of the pugs we have available for adoption. MANY OF OUR PUGS ARE NEVER LISTED ON THIS PAGE because their forever homes have been selected from applications already on file.

An application must be submitted to be considered for any rescue pug. If you are ready to adopt, please submit your application now. Applying does not obligate you to adopt from us; you have the right to refuse any or all pugs about which you are contacted.

If you do apply and would like to be considered for a pug listed on this page, please indicate the name of the pug on your application.

With occasional exceptions, all of our rescued pugs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before placement.

Please also feel free to visit our Owner Referral page.

Male – 10 years old

Ozzy is a ten year old male Boston-Pug mix, a Bug. He is super sweet and cute; a beautiful black-brindle mix. He loves men and probably lived with a man for much of his life. He is potty trained and generally very well behaved, however he is prone to fighting. He’s been with a new grumble for three weeks and he has been very good, but we have had our moments. He will need to be watched closely and kept out of stressful situations.
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Male – 9 years old

Spike is a nine year old male fawn. He just had two large tumors and three small tumors removed. The GREAT news is that his tumors were benign. He had his stitches removed on recently, and he is ready to go. Spike is a little angel. He is crate trained and potty trained and walks well on a leash. He is good with other dogs, but Spike wants to be an only dog, or maybe just have one sibling. He is gentle and sweet. Spike’s tumors may re-occur in the future, but hopefully not. If he develops more, hopefully they will be benign also, but they would still need to be removed, and that could get expensive. He is a bargain at only $100, but he needs to go to a family that can afford to take him to the vet regularly and that afford to have the tumors removed should they return. All this being said, whoever gets this pup wins the jackpot. He is an amazing and cool dude! Continue reading

Male – 10 years old

Samson is a ten year old male black mix. He went to the vet this week where he got neutered and lost all but three teeth (rough day). He has an ear infection and some sort of tummy bug, but he is expected to recover. He is blind. Continue reading

Male – 12-13 years old

Obi is approximately 12-13 years old and was rescued from Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) in Glenwood Springs. Unfortunately, Obi has been a repeat rescue in the CARE system, so he needs a forever home now. Obi is 23 lbs, fawn-silver colored, with soft and long fur, and is very stout. He has a cataract in his left eye and is diabetic, blind, and needs a special someone to give him the extra attention and love he deserves. He requires an insulin shot in the morning and also at night. His eyes also requires medication twice a day. He loves to go on walks, and he is an excellent walker. He is smart, brave, and robust. He guards his food and should be fed separately from other dogs. Obi is very good about going to the bathroom outside. Sometimes he does get excited and goes inside, but that is rare. His bark is unique and very cute. He is a very loving dog and would make a great fit for the right people in the right environment. Obi will give you plenty of love! Continue reading

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