Happy New Year!




Happy Endings  
Thank you for your support in 2011!  December was our busiest adoption month yet with 10 puggies being placed in their Forever Homes.   Here are a few of our December Happy Endings:


  “Dillon”, a 3-year old former stray, was adopted by Steve on Dec. 12, 2011. Dillon came to Pug Rescue last October from the Colorado Springs

Dillon and Steve for Jan. Happy Endings
Steve and “Apo”

Animal Shelter who had deemed him “unadoptable” by shelter standards. Turns out he was just shy and skittish from life on the streets but once he was introduced into a warm loving home with good food and a secure environment, he became a happy and affectionate boy and is now the “Official Greeter” at Steve’s vet practice office.  And he even has a new name to go with his new life:  “Apo”!



Gidget for Jan. Happy Endings


Remember 13 year-old Gidget, our Foster Pug of the Month for December? Miss Gidget was adopted right before Christmas and she seems to be enjoying the Christmas tree lights from her big comfy chair!




“Zebby”, who was rescued from a back-yard breeder was adopted by Meg on Dec. 20, 2011. Zebby lost his eyes due to neglect by his former owner but his new adoptive Mom feels lucky to have him because “you don’t need to be able to see to give lots of love and companionship – that’s Zebby!”



“Skippy” (formerly “Chatto”)
Just adopted: “Chatto” – His new family is “over the moon/thrilled” with their new pug – now known as “Skippy”!

Update on “Puggles” and “Ancho”


Puggles for Jan. Newsletter


Puggles, a 2-year old boy who was given to Colorado Pug Rescue after he was hit by a car, has recovered nicely from surgery to repair his broken pelvis. After much love and rehabilitation by his Foster Mom Lindsay, Puggles was adopted by David and Timothy from Cascade, CO on December 23 – just in time for Christmas!




Ancho for Foster of the Month


 Ancho, a pug/corgi mix has also recoverd nicely from major surgery to repair his torn ACLs. We’re processing an adoption application for him now and hope that this sweet boy will soon be in his Forever Home!   

 Foster Pugs of the Month: meet    “Bubba” and “Pudge” 



Bubba for Jan. Foster Pug of the month

 Bubba came to Colorado Pug Rescue after his dad, Allan, passed away. Bubba lost his eyes some years ago to complications from diabetes, but he’s very smart and has adjusted well to the new layout of his foster home. Bubba is a soft, beautiful, sweet boy with an expressive face who is perfectly happy to sleep with you and share your pillow. If you’re ready to snuggle, Bubba is the pug for you! Warning: has been known to hog the covers. 





“Pudge’s” Foster Mom writes: “Pudge is absolutely one of the sweetest pugs I have known! He is very mellow. He will sit on the floor and look up at me with his big brown eyes to let me know he wants me to pick him up. Then he spends a few minutes on my lap and gets back down to sleep on the floor. He is seven years old and weighs about 22 pounds. He has no health issues.

Pudge gets along very well with his foster mates (three pugs and a beagle). He likes to steal the toys from them, but they don’t seem to mind. He is housetrained and uses the doggie door. Pudge spends lots of time outdoors during the day, and we go for daily walks. We used his kennel the first few nights he was here, but he eventually found his way to our bed after a few nights.

Pudge will bring lots of pugs and kisses wherever he goes!”



Click here for information on our adoption process for “Bubba” and “Pudge” and all our other Foster Pugs. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


“I’d like to volunteer but I don’t have much time.”


No problem, many people have asked how they can help Colorado Pug Rescue but they are concerned about the time commitment. Good News! We have many opportunities where we desperately need help for only a few hours a month:


  •  Transporting pugs to foster care, vet visits, events, etc. )
  •  Helping staff one event
  • Please click on Volunteering  for more information on how just a couple of hours will go a long way toward helping us place a deserving pug in his forever home.


“Why does it cost to adopt a pug and where does that Adoption Fee go?”


Most of the pugs we take in to Foster Care are in need of medical attention, ranging from routine vaccinations to life-saving major surgery. It is not unusual for us to spend thousands of dollars on emergency medical treatment due to abuse or neglect, and 100% of the Adoption Fee goes toward these costs. Once the pug has received medical care, he is placed into a Foster Home environment for continued recovery and/or basic training and socialization. Colorado Pug Rescue does everything possible “at the front end” to make sure the dog is in good health and spirit and ready to for a new home. So when you adopt a pug from us, you can be sure we’ve made the investment in the necessary care and preparation to ensure that it’s a successful match for both you and your new pug.  

Training Tips from Tony

 Tony Polisi is currently fostering “Max” and is an experienced dog trainer.  Tony learned years ago that having the right attitude and knowing how to speak “Dog” is critical to a successful dog/owner relationship and he has agreed to share his knowledge with our Newsletter readers. 

“Meeting your new Rescue Pug” 


Everyone wants a dog to be their best friend but every dog wants to be a member of a stable pack. An unstable pack makes for an unstable dog. There are only 2 positions in a pack, Leader and Follower. If you won’t be the leader then your dog will. This will cause anxiety in your dog and can lead to problem behavior.

The first thing you should do when meeting a new dog is establish your position. Why? Because the dog will, and he will expect you to do the same. If you don’t, he will think there is something wrong with you and therefore it’s his responsibility to “correct you.” Have you ever had a dog you just met hump your leg? If you have,
you have just been dominated. He doesn’t what to have sex with you, he just told you who’s the boss. Have you ever had a dog sit on your foot, bump you or push you? If you have, you have just been established as a follower. These are just a few of the many ways a dog can challenge you for position in the pack.


Here is how I meet my new rescue pug. I take an attitude of dominance and I greet the dog when I’m ready, not at the dog’s demand. I take the dog for a walk on a short leash and I demand that the dog doesn’t pull and walks beside me. Here are some tips to do that:

  1. Correct a dog on leash with a short tug to the side. Never pull back.
  2. Start with the dog sitting to your right side. You take the first step forward and ask the dog to follow you.
  3. A stronger correction is a poke in the side just behind the front leg. This needs to be established as how you tell a dog they are being corrected. They will learn to really dislike this correction, but they won’t fear your touch. This touch can be used for anything you need to correct your dog about.
  4. If the dog runs ahead or pulls you, stop, bring the dog back, give a little yank on the leash to the side, put the dog in the proper position on your side and make him sit. A little push on his back side to make him sit may be needed. Then praise him when he complies. You should have an attitude of superiority the entire time.
  5. When you have just a little success you should stop. Don’t over do it. You can do this a couple of times a day until it’s normal for the dog to behave well on a leash. You are now the pack leader.

I find this very important with pugs. They tend to be very stubborn and because they aren’t aggressive and are very cute, obedience is often overlooked. This can lead to marking, aggression towards children and other dogs, barking, and other unwanted behavior.

Remember:   “Attitude is Everything!”


 January/February 2012
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Colorado Pug Rescue and the Littleton Pug Meet-up Group are excited to be doing the second annual “Pug Tune-Up” event on Feb. 19 at Dogtopia in Highlands Ranch. All proceeds will go toward the medical treatment needed for “Bailey” and “Sophie”, two recent puppy mill rescues that are now being cared for and fostered by Colorado Pug Rescue.

So come join us for the fun! Your $10 donation (cash or check only please) will pamper your puglet with


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We will also have a bake sale and several pet vendors on site including Stephanie Owen of Crazy Dog Photography to take pictures of you and your newly manicured puglet – perfect for framing!


We’d also like to extend a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Darien and Janine at DOGTOPIA in Highlands Ranch for helping sponsor this event. We couldn’t do these types of fund-raising events without their support and use of their facility!


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Also, if you are able to bring a baked good for the bake sale, please contact Brooke from Pug Meet-up at





“Pushed-in-Faces” are cute BUT….
Pugs and other breeds with pushed-in-faces, also known as Brachycephalic breeds, are prone to many health issues due to their bulging eyes and short nostrils.  Click here to see the  


How can you help Colorado Pug Rescue?

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Petco “Meet-n-Greet”:


. Thanks to our volunteers, we held a very successful “Meet-n-Greet” event at Petco Southglenn on Jan. 7.  Thanks to all who came to visit our foster pugs -giving them visibility is the best way to help them find their forever homes!  And we’re very excited that we got an adoption application for “Rocky”!


Please check our website Event Calendar  for upcoming Meet-n-Greets and other Events!





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