January 30, 2017 @ 10:23 pm posted by AbbyS
  • 8 year old brindle male
  • Good with dogs, cats and kids
  • Housebroken
  • Looking for a home where he is the only dog or with one other dog.
  • Special Needs: Will need lifetime care of his hips and knees, including physical therapy.
  • Adoption Fee: $300

This is Beauregard.  His big puppy dog eyes and droopy jowls may give the illusion that he’s sad, but don’t let his frowny-face fool you.  He’s a very happy fellow, especially at meal time and walk time.  Beau was delivered to a shelter in Kansas in late 2016.  He had a torn ACL and a dislocated hip when he was turned in.  The Colorado Pug Rescue got him in January and has addressed all of his medical needs.  He still has to do some special exercises to help rebuild the strength in his legs, but he gladly does them for TREATS!  Beau currently lives with five other dogs.  He tolerates them, but he doesn’t exactly love them.  Beauregard gets jealous from time to time and would probably love to be an only pet.  He’s been around cats too.  He doesn’t chase them, but he doesn’t like to share his humans with them either.  Beauregard (aka Bobo) likes to keep all the love and attention for himself. 

Not surprisingly, he is a first class snuggle bug.   He often insists on being under the covers, right up next to you.  He doesn’t care at all if you wrap your arms around him like a great big teddy bear, and at 27 pounds, he’s a pretty big teddy bear.  He is super chill, very mellow and low key.  Mostly he just wants to hang out with his favorite human.  He’s not one of those dogs that run around acting crazy; he mostly just sleeps at your feet and waits for walk time.  He will point out his leash with a few encouraging squeaks if he thinks you might have forgotten about walk time.  That being said, he still can’t take long walks.  He gets tired after a few blocks.  He still carries his bum leg a lot out of habit.  His exercises are helping him learn to trust and use that leg again. 

We think Beauregard might have a hint of Puggle in him, but we’re not certain.  He looks to be mostly Pug and he has a beautiful fawn/brindle coat.  He has a wide variety of grunts, snorts and whines that he uses to communicate.  He does snore, but it’s not super loud.  He was obviously a loved companion in his past life.  He is extremely well behaved and good mannered.  He doesn’t jump on people, and he loves the groomer.  He stays close and comes when called (even off leash) and he rides calmly in the car.  His potty-training is PERFECT.  He is a good boy, and he deserves to be showered with affection. 

If you think you and Beau might be right for each other, please submit your application for Beauregard, and let the snuggling begin. 


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