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Happy Endings  
Gerber - Happy Ending for March-April
“Gerber” adopted 3-11-2012


“Gerber” was a stray from northern Colorado Weld County who found her forever home on March 11, 2012. Her new Mom Lisa was so anxious to get her, she drove from Santa Fe 4 1/2 hours in a snowstorm to meet Lindsay at a Taco Bell in Pueblo to pick up her new baby. We think Ms. Gerber even got a couple of burritos for the long ride home!
“Pudge” adopted 1-23-2012


Duke for Foster Pug JAN
“Duke” adopted 3-20-2012


 Foster Pugs of the Month 

Max for Foster Pug of the Month

 Max came to Colorado Pug Rescue after his owner got a new boyfriend who didn’t like Max. He’s 7 years old, neutered, and has beautiful markings. Max will do best in a home with another dog (or dogs) as he doesn’t like to be left alone. He’s crate-trained, loves children, going for walks, and, of course, eating! Max has a strong personality and needs an owner who will continually reinforce the training that Max learned from his Foster family. Tony, Max’s Foster Dad, is an experienced trainer who is willing to work with whoever adopts Max to ensure that Max continues his good behavior. Max is a sweet and loving pug who deserves an experienced and attentive owner – could it be you?  



Chance for Foster Pug of the Month

Hi! My name is Chance, and I am cuter than a pug bug in a rug! I came to pug rescue thru no fault of my own. One of my eyes was injured by another dog in my home, and my owners could not afford the vet bill to take care of it. That eye had to be removed, but I see fine with my other eye. I love to to for walks and spend time with my humans – I’ll do best in a home where I’m not alone too often.   However, I do need to be crated, at least until I’m used to your home so I don’t have any accidents. I do know to go outside, and I’ve never made a mess in my crate. Please give Chance – that’s me – a chance – You will never regret it! 

Najah for Foster Pug of the Month
My name is Najah and I’m a beautiful 2-year old girl who is full of spunk and love to cuddle with my humans. I’m crate trained, know how to use a doggie door, and get along well with other dogs.  I do require 2 inexpensive medications for some neurological and  incontinence issues but I’m a good girl and I take them without any fuss.  I’m looking for a Forever Family who can give me lots of love and attention –  Could that be you?


Click here for information on our adoption process for “Max”, “Chance”, and “Najah” and all our other Foster Pugs. 


2013 Calendar Contest:  Call for Entries!




Is your pug the cutest, most charming, totally adorable and iresisitible pug on the planet?  If so, we want to feature him/her in our 2013 Colorado Pug Rescue Calendar. Enter up to 5 photos for a  $5 per photo donation, with a “flat rate” of $25 for 5 or more photos.  Who knows, your pug-baby could be “Miss or “Mr. December !  Please visit Colorado Pug Rescue 2013 Calendar Photo Contest for contest details.   



Note – all entries must be received by May 15.  That gives us enough time to get the calendars produced and ready for our annual Pugs in the Park event this fall.                  


*** Volunteers Needed! *** 


As we move into busy event season, and begin construction of a new website, Colorado Pug Rescue has 3 volunteer positions available:


Event Coordinator – for the Colorado Pug Rescue booth at adoption fairs and other community events primarily in North Denver.   Assist in recruiting volunteers to staff the booth and bring foster pugs.   Expect to work one to two events a month from May – October and one event or less per month the rest of the year.  This position is supported by a board member who assists with scheduling, registration and coordination of events and a team of three other event coordinators who share duties.  Please contact Joan Powers for more information:  powersjoan@comcast.net


Administrative Support: assist the Director with record keeping, maintenance of data in spreadsheets, phone calls to veterinarians, adoption applicants, volunteer applicants, and CPR volunteers.  This position requires attention to duties Monday – Friday as needed, and the ability to follow up in a timely manner to questions, applications and requests.  Good organization and courteous communication skills are important in this position.  Volunteers for this position can perform the duties from anywhere using their own computer and phone.  Please contact Vicki Reichel for more information:  Vicki Reichel


Website Maintenance: assist in website updates in WordPress, including adding/removing events, photos and bios.  Experience in WordPress is helpful but not needed.  This position requires the ability to update the website with changes in a timely manner, usually within 24 – 48 hours.  Volunteers for this position can perform the duties from anywhere using their own computer. Please contact Joan Powers for more information: powersjoan@comcast.net 

Training Tips from Tony

Tony Polisi is currently fostering “Max” and is an experienced dog trainer, using the Cesar Milan method of behavioral dog training.  This month’s training tip focuses on kennel-training. 




Kenneling is a great tool for you to use with a new pug. It’s good for you as well as the dog. They are by nature den animals so being in a small secure place is comforting to them. It’s especially good to start a new pug in a kennel right away in the first minutes you get them home. First it helps to establish your position in the pack. You are telling the dog, I’m the leader and I want you to stay here. Second the dog will be a little unsure of his position at this point especially if you read and followed through on Training Tip #1 (JAN/FEB Newsletter), so the dog will feel safe in the kennel.

I leave my dogs in the kennel when I leave my home. I don’t give them free reign. This cuts way down on marking problems. When I get home I put the dog outside to do his business and I stand and watch until he has relieved himself. This establishes your position and the correct place for this activity. When the dog has pleased me I change my attitude to happy and a little excited to say “Good Dog”. I may pet and even give a treat to the dog. I give a little pretzel nugget or carrot to mine (less fattening).

As you can see, this is also how I house train too. A new dog is either with me, outside, or in the kennel all the time. Problem dogs I keep a 6′ leash on them all the time. This helps me when I’m on the couch watching TV and not paying much attention to the dog. I put the leash under my leg so if he walks away I will feel the leash move. I buy 50′ of plastic rope at a time and cut it up as I need it. I never use it to tie a dog to a stationary object. If I need to control a dog that much I put him in the kennel.

At this point you have established yourself as the pack leader, you can walk your dog comfortably on a leash and you shouldn’t have a marking problem. If or better yet when you have problems you just need to go back to Training Tip #1 and start over.

Hang in there, remember you are saving this dog’s life. You are a wonderful person. 


 Tony Polisi is willing to offer dog-training assistance to Foster or new adopters – please contact him directly for more information at the e-mail address above (link) or at (303) 277-1799.
April/May 2012
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 Pug “Meet-n-Greet” 

Saturday, April 14

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Petco Adoption Fair 

Saturday, April 14

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KUSA Channel 9 “Petline 9”

 Saturday, April 28

Morning news segment

7:00 – 8:00 a.m.  

Colorado Pug Rescue will be featured with volunteer Mary Wadding and some of our “star” Foster pugs!



“Furry Scurry”

Saturday, May 5

Washington Park, Denver

9:00 – 11:00

 Colorado Pug Rescue will be sharing a booth with “All Breed Rescue” so please stop by and meet our Foster Pugs!



Saturday, May 19

10:00 – 5:00

Thornton Multi-purpose Fields 

 Event Success: 
 “Pug Tune-up”
Feb. 19 at Dogtopia


Pug Tune-up at Dogtopia on 2-19-2012
Colorado Pug Rescue and Pug Meet-up hosted a “Pug Tune-up” fundraiser on Feb. 19 for puppy mill rescues “Sophie” and “Bailey.” We had over 100 pugs in attendance getting nail trims, wrinkle cleanings, and overall pampering. And best of all, we raised over $1,600 for Sophie and Bailey’s medical care!

How can you help Colorado Pug Rescue?

  • Consider being a Foster Home
  • Volunteer your time with events and fundraising
  • Tell others about Colorado Pug Rescue
  • Adopt a Foster Pug!
every dollar helps!

Please visit our website for more details on how you can help Colorado Pug Rescue in 2012.


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Spring is in the Air!   
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Other Training Resources

The Misha May Foundation and Ted Terroux Dog Training encourage pet adoptions and offer significant discounts on their dog-training classes. Please contact them directly for more information:

Offers a 6-week “Understanding Dogs” behavioral and training class for only $50 (regular price $150) for new Rescue Pug adopters.  


Ted Terroux Dog Training 

Offers a 10% discount on

Basic Training course, including 340 page training book

Colorado Pug Rescue I 303.659.9689 I www.copugrescue.org